First success of fiber-optic inserting ROBOT development in the world and registration of Patent and Utility Model

Hyo-Sung General Co. Ltd. is a first company to develop fiber-optic automatically inserting ROBOT system in the world.

Success of popularization of price of illuminating fiber-optic which has been recognized as expensive and managed by hand-made.

Manufacturing Method (Abstract of Patent)

Inserting fiber-optic in the designed figure in detail(within error range ±0.02mm) just like dotting point method by using automating ROBOT system.

Expression of image, which visually delicate, dynamic and colorful, composed by LED illuminating various colors connected to a bundle of fiber-optic and by microchip to control it.


Even though the effect of illuminating effect is remarkable the consumption power is just within 5~10w/m².(for instance, the consumption power per 1 normal fluorescent light bulb is 32~40w)

By the reason of low power consumption, it is possible to use solar cell with no other power source.(In case of signboard, the consumption power is about 2w)

Expected Effect

Economic Feasibility: No worry about electricity charge burden by the remarkable low power consumption.

Safety: No harm to health because of no influence of electromagnetic wave effect, transmitting only light similar to a real solar light.

Functionality: Variable illuminating performances, simple construction by light weight and simple A/S by constant uniformity.

Eco-friendly: Illuminating without thermal effect, contributing to carbon free by remarkable low power consumption.

Main Products

lluminating solar cell road signboard : traffic signboard, safety signboard, new address signboard

Illuminating solar cell road safety structure : Illuminating safety fence, illuminating road safety kerb

POP illuminating advertisement : brand-name channel, POP advertisement, banner

Illuminating landscape : city emblem lighting, underground lighting

Event lighting : picket, should girdle, costume, cap, bag and fashion etc

Green growth product

Green growth product diminishing carbon emission quantity drastically by using super low power.

Eco-friendly product

Eco-friendly product transmitting natural light of solar light frequency band without thermal effect.

Registered product by Patent

Registered product by Patent, Utility Model and Items by Public Procurement Service